Photo Credit: CIFA

A delegation of farmers from Andhra Pradesh met the Vice President of India N. Venkaiah Naidu and apprised him about the plight of the farmers in the state and across India. The delegation briefed the Vice President about the challenges faced by the farmers in Andhra Pradesh, and also in Vidharba region of Maharashtra, Bundelkhand region in the states of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, in northern Karnataka, and Rajasthan. The members requested the Vice President to use his influence over the central government to clear the irrigation projects pending for over 20 years: one-time solution to fund all the pending projects. 

The delegation was led by Bojja Dasaratha Rami Reddy, Secretary General of CIFA and B Madan Mohan Reddy, Secretary CIFA and other members of the organization called on the Vice President in New Delhi.


The delegation informed the Vice President about the need for comprehensive crop insurance for farmers. B Madan Mohan Reddy said, “One of the major problems faced by the farmers in India is the problem faced by farmers in claiming crop insurance. Crop insurance should be individual reimbursement in case of crop damage.” He referred to the companies which give reimbursement only if crops fail in an entire taluq or tehsil or in an entire district. He said, “We want individual insurance and individual reimbursement for crop damage for farmers.”

In a memorandum submitted to the Vice President, the delegation mentioned the need for minimum support price for crops such as pulses and groundnut. The delegation deplored the conditions for mango exports in the country.


Consortium of Indian Farmers Associations (CIFA) is a leading organization in India representing farmers. In an interview to LiveMint in 2017, after meeting the finance ministry officials for the pre-budget consultations when Arun Jaitley was the finance minister, Bojja Dasaratha Rami Reddy mentioned: “The median agriculture income is about Rs 1,600 per month. No family can sustain with this even in the remotest part of the country. Hence the farming community of India demands an Income Security Act for farmers, tenant farmers and farm labourers.”


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