India may not be the top destination for tourists in the world but its Incredible India! campaign makes an impact in the global tourism. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana the Telugu- and Urdu-speaking states of India are not popular tourist destinations unlike Rajasthan and Kerala in India. The main attractions in the two states are mostly religious: religious tourism or pilgrimage.

A Palestinian who has spent some time both in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana told about his experiences. Kanan Abuamra the Palestinian who travelled in the two states said he was overwhelmed with the kindness of the people. He said that the people whom he has met during his travels have become his friends. He said people do not forget one after the initial interactions, and people cooperate when you asking something but he suggested that the governments should improve public transport.

Abuamra expressed that the governments will be doing a great service to tourists like him if there is good public transportation in the cities and towns and to travel from one place to another. He said tourists like him are interested to travel just like other commoners in India but for that good transportation is necessary and easy-to-access information. He said, “They (tourists) would like to experience like an Indian. They don’t want to go in luxurious cars and those things but in buses…metros… or public transportations. They should also highlight the tourist areas.”

“India is very historic country, and cultural country…incredible India,” said Abuamra, “but people are suffering.” He also sees the two extremes in India one end there are lot of universities and colleges, very famous universities and on another end people’s hardships.

HYDERABAD! The Palestinian who lives in Europe now remembers Hyderabadi Biryani and Osmania University.

Indian military was posted in Palestine-Israel in Gaza as part of the UN peace-keeping operations, and from them Abuamra’s father learned Hindi. The father encouraged his sons to travel in India and also study in the country. India has earned the goodwill of visitors like Abuamra and seeing the reality of the country by travelling.


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