Dr. Krishna Veni (Photo Credit: theTelugus.com)

Krishna Veni is not only an administrator of a college as principal but also a musician: She obtained a doctorate in music and encourages her students to learn music. She is ushering the importance of spiritual training through music as one of the subjects and by conducting various concerts and competitions at BVK College. 

There are few colleges in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana which offer music as one of the subjects for the students of intermediate courses and degree programmes, and one among them is BVK College in Vishakapatnam. Dr Krishna Veni MA, PhD is the principal of the college, and she brings her educational background in music to the college. In an interview with theTelugus.com, she stressed that ‘music is in panchasutras’ and that reminds us to learn music and continue the cultural heritage of the country. She said, the management of the college is supportive to have music as one of the subjects for the students to learn. 


Panchasutras or pancha sutras is a five-point spiritual and moral regeneration programme as emphasised in Vedic learning for individuals and organisations. The panchasutras are there to gain peace, and to inculcate discipline. Panchasutras are to improve oneself, to obtain knowledge, for positive thoughts, for clean surroundings, for a clean body and mind.

Organisation and individuals also identify panchasutras as their vision statement. The panchasutras of BVK College (Bharatiya Vidya Kendram) are Sareerik, Yoga, Samskrutham, Sangeetham (music) Nytika Adhyathmika Vidya. Krishna Veni brings to the premises one of the panchasutras of BVK College, Sangeethem, into action by conducting various concerts and different types of music competitions.


The educational institution also conducts Tyagaraja Aradhana in its premises and invites students from all over the state of Andhra Pradesh. Tyagaraja Aradhana is the annual festival remembering Tyagaraja the Telugu saint-composer and glorifying God with music and with the compositions of Tyagaraja. The annual Tyagaraja festival is observed in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu and by many Carnatic musicians all over the world. 

Dr Krishna Veni said the Tyagaraja Aradhana is held every year in the college to mark the anniversary of the demise of the saint Tyagaraja. For this, the college conducts elocution and music competitions (violin, mrudagam, flute) for students. The students participating in the competitions are not only from Vishakapatnam but also from other parts of the state. Krishna Veni informed that every month a concert is held in the college, junior concert and senior concert, in which students from different colleges in and around Vishakapatnam come to participate in addition to students from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. 


During Dasara on the occasion of celebrating Goddess Saraswathi’s festival, the college invites exponsents of vina. The artistes play vina from 9am – 9pm. 

Vina, also spelled veena, is a stringed musical instrument or a plucked string instrument and it comprises a family of chordophone instruments from South Asia. It is used in the concerts of Hindustani and Carnatic in the Indian subcontinent. 

Krishna Veni said at the time of Dasara during dikshitha jayanthi the college echoes with the music emanating from veenas played by the accomplished and beginners. Sessions of kirtans, lectures, and workshops are conducted on the sidelines of this festival to give an opportunity for the students to learn more about music. 

Dr Krishna Veni is a Carnatic Veena Artiste, and A-Grade artiste. She comes from a family of musicians who had an abiding interest in music. She was a Veena Artiste for more than 12 years in All India Radio. 


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