Coyote, Dog, Dhole, Fox, Greyhound, Hyena, Hound, Jackal, Wolf, Wolverine

Dog! Dog is the common domestic animal kept by human beings for work, hunting, guarding, and as a pet among others. Dogs, foxes, jackals, coyotes, and wolves are part of a large taxonomic family called Canidae (canids). The smallest canid is a type of fox called Fennec fox and the largest canid is gray wolf. Dogs can live for more than a dozen years, if domesticated but street dogs’ life depends upon a multitude of environmental factors including how people in that area treat them.


Dhole is a type of wild dog found in the jungles and forests.


Coyote is a canid. Coyote is a small wolf of the plains of western North America. The habitats and behaviours of red foxes and coyotes overlap.


Foxes and dogs are cousins. Foxes have narrow snout and bushier tail than dogs; they belong to the same canine family. Dogs were carefully bred by humans, and there were more breeds of dogs than foxes, and wolves.

Fox is a wild animal of the dog family with reddish brown fur, pointed face and a bushy tail.

Foxhound is a type of dog trained to hunt foxes.

Fox terrier is a type of short-haired dog. They were used to drive foxes out of their holes.

Foxes have a short lifespan, less than half a dozen years, but could live up to 14 years if domesticated or in captive environment. They are unlike the dogs: cannot be trained for they are averse to submission and command. They are intelligent wild animals. Why can’t a fox be a human’s best friend? Is it too foxy?

Depending upon the areas they inhabit, they are named as Arctic fox and rainforest fox.


Hyena is a small feliform carnivore mammal. The fifth-smallest animal among the carnivores – closer to felines and viverrids. It is a flesh-eating animal like a wolf but with a distinct sound – a howl that sounds like wild laughter.

The variant spelling of hyena is hyaena.


Hound is a type of dog used in hunting such as foxhound.


Greyhound is a large, thin, fast running dog used in races. Greyhound racing is common in the UK, and bets are waged like in horseraces.


Jackal is a wild animal related to the dog.


Wolf is a flesh-eating dog-like mammal distributed widely in the Northern Hemisphere. Wolf is a fierce, cruel, Wolf is an aggressive animal. Pack animal like dholes. They live in pack and prey on reindeer, goats, sheep, horses, cattle and buffalo.

The plural of wolf is wolves.


Wolverine is a stocky, flesh-eating mammal with thick fur. It is found in the USA and Canada, and related to the glutton in Europe.

The plural of wolverine is wolverines.


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