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Welt, Welter, Welterweight

Welt, Welter, Welterweight  

Welt is a strip of leather round the edge of the upper of a sole to which the sole is stitched; a strip of leather stitched into the seam between the sole and upper of a shoe to strengthen the joining. Welt is a strip of material often folded over a cord such as at the edge of a seam of a garment to reinforce or trim it.

Another meaning of welt is: Welt is a raised ridge left on the skin by a slash or blow, a mark left on the skin by a heavy blow especially with a whip; wale, weal.

Welt is a weal: A raised mark on the skin made by hitting it with a stick or whip or some such object.


One of the symptoms of dermatographia is welts that look like hives.

The main character in Netlix’s Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories, Karou Kobayashi the master, has a welt on his face.

“It was there when he woke in the morning, continuous and indefinable, not cold, or tight, or airy, though somewhere in between. Perhaps the word was dead. His right hemisphere had died. He knew so many people who had died that in his present state of dissociation he could begin to contemplate his own end as a commonplace – a flurry of burying or creating, a welt of grief raised, then subsiding as life swept on. Perhaps he had already died. Or again, and he felt this strongly, perhaps all that was needed was a couple of sharp taps to the side of the head with a medium-sized hammer.” –Amsterdam by Ian McEwan


Welter means disorderly mixture of something (things) or somebody (people). Example: The waves carried to the shore a welter of things.

Welter means general confusion, turmoil.

Bazars are welters.

Hinduism is a welter of different castes and clans.

Welter as a verb refers to be soaked, stained, or bathed; to rise and fall, tumble; toss about such as in the sea or to the waves in water; to roll about or wallow as a pig in mud. Usage: The bodies at the scene of the accident weltered in their blood.

Figuratively, welt is referred as ‘he weltered in sin’, ‘she weltered in sin’, ‘they weltered in sin’.


Welterweight is a weight of 28 pounds carried by a horse in a race as a handicap.

Welterweight is a boxer or a wrestler who weighs between 136 and 147 pounds.


Welt-an-schauung is a German word. Weltanschauung means one’s world view, one’s philosophy of the universe and of life. Weltanschauung is one’s conception of the universe and of life. Another word closer to weltanschauung in menaing is weltansicht. Weltansicht means a world view. A particular attitude toward life and reality.

What is your weltanschauung?

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