Covid Doctors at Vaccination Centre

A ‘BJP Vaccine’ for a Biological War

By Someswar Bhagwat

More and more people all over the world are  beginning to believe that the Coronavirus pandemic threatening to annihilate the human race is biological warfare unleashed by China-much to the embarrassment of the ‘Chairman-Mao-is-Our-Chairman’  and the ‘tukde tukde’ gangs aiming to destroy India. And they call themselves liberal and secular (‘sickular’ to their detractors) simply because they feel ashamed to be Hindus though Hinduism never preached mass conversions or violence, did not colonize other countries and gave shelter to others who did so. They see nothing wrong in England, Germany or any other European country being Christian and 55 countries being Islamic, but want India to be not a Hindu nation.

As many as 21 countries have rushed aid like oxygen concentrators to India. They all declare their faith as Christian, Buddhist or Muslim – the very religions whose followers in India are allegedly treated as ‘second class citizens’ according to these ‘sickular’ liberals. India which believes in ‘sarve jana sukhino bhavantu’ (let all people be happy) and ‘vasudhaiva kutumbakam’ (all the world is one family) becomes non-secular or communal if it becomes a Hindu Raashtra!

While all these countries rushed aid to India when it faced an upsurge in Covid-19 cases the only criticism came from Indian ‘sickular’ liberals who declared the vaccines made in India  (imported by several countries) as ‘BJP vaccines’ and ran a campaign against them. The bootlicking media too joined the chorus by putting out stories against the vaccine, bed and oxygen shortages, serious side effects and deaths after vaccination People like Akhilesh Yadav and Rahul Gandhi declared that their magic wand would cure all patients free within days and make the country Covid-free while Narendra Modi failed.

And all this animosity against him because he belonged to a ‘communal’ BJP which believes in India being a Hindu country. It was okay for Congress to have alliance with parties that believe in Islamic fundamenism like Muslim Leaguein Kerala decades ago and now with  Shiv Sena, an avowedly Hindu party in Maharashtra and another Muslim party in Bengal.

Shiv Khera is not a non-entity, neither is Laxmi Mittal. Khera is a recognized management Guru of international repute and Mittal one of the major steel magnates of   the world.  They both say what is the harm if India is declared a Hindu Rashtra? A Pakistani thinker and famous anchor too has the same opinion. But the dynasts who play vote-bank politics disagree and want to pamper one community in return for their votes. National interests are secondary and winning elections by getting those votes is more important.

Laxmi Mittal says: “Hindus are in majority as on date. BJP has full majority in Lok Sabha. The Central government can bring an ordinance and declare India as a Hindu country (which it has been for thousands of centuries). Those who are opposed to this  should obey the law or leave this country or face suitable action, but all this nonsense going on no3 has to be stopped.” The statement by him is viral on social media both in text and speech and has SO FAR not been proved to be a fake.

The Pakistani journalist too says that when the country was divided on communal lines and Muslims given another country, it was obvious that the remaining India is Hindu. And there is no ground for opposition to it by Muslims. It cannot be denied by any sane person that while Muslims all over the country oppose BJP and Hindu festivals in ALL constituencies with Muslim majority ONLY Muslim candidates were elected to Lok Sabha.

The dynastic Congress that ruled India for most years so far has created a political culture of putting up a candidate only of the majority community thus perpetrating the abhorrent caste system.  A culture evolves over a long period of time and cannot be changed overnight.  No sane person can deny that Congress is responsible for the political culture of this country that is being adopted by all the parties with the exception of BJP and the Communist parties – the only ones where the son/daughter or a descendent of the original leader does not head the party.

Though a controversy diverting attention is the last thing needed in the present medical emergency Ramdeo Baba started one about Ayurveda being prophylactic while allopathy only suppressed the symptoms.  This resulted in the Indian Medical Association president Dr. John Aguatine Jiyalal filing a defamation suit against him, What is relevant but ignored by the IMA without rebuttal is the charge by Balakrishna, the Managing Director of Patanjali, the Baba’s company, that many private commercial hospitals were converting corona virus patients to Christianity. Jiyalal did not sue Akhilesh Yadav and Rahul Gandhi for calling them BJP vaccines and ineffective, but felt Ramdeo’s statement would prompt people to reject vaccination


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