Is Islamophobia Needed To Promote Hinduism?

By Roamer

Searching for truth is what all religion and pursuit of Ultimate Reality – call it Allah, God or by any other name – is about.  A new trend that has begun now is to promote Hinduism by running down others.  Both Christianity and Islam oppose    polytheism (worship of many gods) and idol worship as in Hinduism, both believe in spreading religion by use of force (crusades and inquest in Christianity or jihad in Islam) a messenger of God (many in Christianity  and in Islam  Mohamad being the last) and conversion or proselytization while Hiñdus think following it is enough. The idols and multiple gods, they say, are only to aid focussing or  concentration and accepting the  manifestations or aspects of the Ultimate Reality. Rituals or rites, all of them scientific or relevant even today, are meant to ensure compliance even by those not able to understand,  as it says humans have different levels  of  intelligence (now proved true scientifically).

Hinduism had intrigued the West for long even before the world was mesmerised by the address of Swami Vivekananda at the 1893 World Parliament of Religions in Chicago in the USA.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India, considered a strong advocate of India being called a Hindu country is hated for it by most Muslims as well as advocates of  and ‘secularism’ among Hindus. 

They follow Inter-Religious Harmony meetings of Churches (camouflaged proselytization bid) but do not endorse my call that no one should be given a degree unless (s)he studies any religion other than his/her own and passes a simple test to prove it. This is based on the fact that most of those who hate  other religions do so without knowing anything about them.

The only other reason could be that leaders of their religion in doctrine them from childhood that there is no other God than their own and that He (it is always masculine) alone is supreme. The ‘seculars’ have  no problem with that. They object ONLY to a religion that considers the world as a family, ask for the welfare of ALL, not of their own clan, a religion that gives different names to different manifestastions of the Supreme Reality but consider it as one with no shape or name.

Hinduism does  that and says there is no need to shout about the God from rooftops or loud speakers. There is no place for Islamophobia in Hindu India and that tolerance alone allowed others to build their places of worship in this land and even convert. 

What greater proof is needed to show India’s secularism than the fact that despite footprints of Hinduism and its offshoot all over Asia India alone remains the main Hindu country while the number of Islamic nations has grown to 55 from one.  To say this is called Islamophobia. Truth is considered supreme in Hinduism which says ‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram.’    Is ‘jihad’ fanatic or this?


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