Indians Run The World Or Just Serve  Others?

By Roamer

We Indians are proud about  our international achievements and post them on social media often.

A recent post said Donald Trump of the USA, Russian supremo Vladinir Putin and China’s President Xi were arguing over who was in- charge of the world — the USA, Russia or China?

Unable to arrive at any decision they  turned to Narendra Modi of India and asked him. .. 

Modi saud “I  don’t know..All I know is world’s biggest company,

Google’s CEO is an Indian, pioneer

Microsoft’s CEO an Indian

the Citigroup had  an Indian CEO, SoftBank Vision Fund CEO is an Indian. An Indian CEO runs 

Adobe, NetApp’s CEO is an Indian

softdrink major PepsiCo” was CEO as indian, an Indian runs Nokia as CEO, an Indian is the CEO of DBS, 

MasterCard’s CEO is an Indian,

an Indian was till recently the CEO of  Cognizant,   Novartis CEO is an Indian, the  CEO of Conduent was an Indian, Diego CEO is an Indian, .SanDisk CEO was an  Indian, as also  of Motorola, an Indian is the CEO of Harman, Micron CEO is an Indian, ‘Palo Alto Networks’ CEO is an  Indian, Reckitt Benckiser CEO is an India. Now IBM CEO is also an Indian-origin guy. “Britain’s Chancellor of Exchequer (Finance Minister) is an Indian, Britain’s Home  Secretary (minister) is an Indian,

 Ireland’s Prime minister is an   Indian.  The WHO chairman Dr . Harshvardhan is also an Indian.  

Now KAMALA  HARRIS is the VP Of USA also ……

“So…. who is running the World? Very interestingly Indians ” Modi said, PROUD to be an Indian.

 This went around the world on social media till it reached a PIO (person of Indian Origin) in USA’s Atlanta. Pat came a reply. “Yes, but almost all in the USA are American citizens and in the UK Britons. None of them is an Indian and all anere servants or employees  working hard to make profits for companies that are American or counties other than India.”

An Indian commentator decried this Indian habit of decrying and hating everything that is Indian. Our ‘sickular liberal’ left(out)s hate Ambani, Daani, Tata or Mahendra and want them to close down. That would mean millions lose jobs and lakhs would become paupers losing their investments (these parasites don’t care as they want tO ruime India).There i a demand for everything foreign  Those who say Indians only serve are also right as they don’t are the companies.

Then  a Prime Minister  campaigned for innovation, boycott of Chinese goods and self-reliance. The opposition controlled by  outsiders hated Him too.  He is Indian!


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