Tamilians’ IQ

By Roamer

Tamilian is NOT a figure like a millIon or a trillion. That it is a linguistic group may not occur to those who live in the world of Megabytes and Gigabytes (now even trigabytes or TB in  laptop or computer  memory) . Now, almost 40 years after the event I am shocked at my unknowing foolhardiness in  computerizing a news transmission center with 451mb computers – the fastest then.  If it worked at a higher speed it must only be a supercomputer.

I recall traveling all the way in the late 1960s to Muzaffarpur from Patna in Bihar taking a railway boat from Mahendraghat and another train ar Fatehpur-on-Sone to see india’s first computer, perhaps discarded by an American university and presented to its counterpart in the Bihar town.It was as big as a two-storeyed building!

The ‘big’ joke of the presentation was that it must have cost more than the price of the ‘gift’ to bring it to Muzaffarpur.

Talking of Trigabyte memories    and trillions  this is by far the best joke I read in a while:  

Health secretary in a briefing to President Joe Biden: “Sir, in Chennai, India 36 Tamilians have been killed due to Corona Virus”

Biden was silent. His lips quiver. His hands shiver. His eyes swell up. He is unable to speak.

The Health secretary is stunned. He never imagined that this event could affect him so badly.

After a few minutes, in a trembling voice, Biden asks “So, how many millions are there in one tamillion?” 

If intelligence can be measured in units like IQ there must be many millions of it in aTamilian.


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