Does  America Own The Idiots’ internet? 

By Roamer

The POTUS (President of the United States) Joseph Biden seems to think, with typical American arrogance,that his country owns the Internet, the world-wide web that claIms to know everything about all things in the whole world… an attribute in Hindu belief of the celestial sage Narada. Bieden named a committee on the future of the Internet, presuming US companies run by hired Indian servants operate the www as it was born in US defence labs.

Like Narada who is (all-knowing (sarvagnya)  the net is supposed to know everything and had been already hailed by a Telugu film maker as the substitute form of all books, Universities and all the sources of information. His industry  already reduced Narada to a comic character in mythological films that come next only to boy-meets-girl love stories that dominate the Indian film world.

The CD-shop owner who turned film maker does not perhaps know that the Net shows only what has already been put in the cyber world and is detected by algorithms worked out by some IT professional.All the www  is interested in is to shout much about how many hundred or thousand ‘results’ it has been able to find in how few seconds.

And you are supposed to wade through the plethora/flood of information to find the name or word you are looking for.

The algos are so planned that the one or two words you seek are normally not available or are drowned in an ocean. All you have to do is use your mind as a bucket to enjoy the ocean. You may dub all this as b.s. and point out  how useful the net could be to find the meaning of a word in another language or substitute words.  It has been, no doubt, very useful in thIs regard and did the job of dozens of dictionaries.

But try to find the email  ID or address of a publisher or a publication; you are sure to find your mail in the failure notice (daemon) in seconds. All IDs and addresses on the net seem to be fake. Rarely do we get on net information other than words and meaning unless you did a course on SEO or Search Engine Optimization

Many will protest when  I say the Internet is for idiots and the brainy still prefer books.


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