‘Filebook’ Failure Due To ‘What If’  Complex   

By Roamer

I thought I created a new concept of a family ‘filebook’ or a book in the form of a file, to be printed only on a computer printer  with the number of copies limited to those in immediate family  and each generation adding sheets to it about achievers of that generation.

 In these days when people do  not know the achievers in their own families they are resigned to the fact that just as they do not know the name of their grandfather’s father they too may be lost in the fog of the past. (Some would proudly say they know the grandfather’s father’s name. That is because te shradda ritual requires names of three ancestors mentioned, but they know nothing more. The practice itself for that but has become a meaningless ritual).

Before the concept of God or religion evolved the tribals worshipped only their ancestors. Though they did not know the theory of Evolution, their smart instincts told  them they were what they were because of their ancestors. That is the reason why the most ancient of all  civilizations, confused as Hindu religion, thousands of years before  Charles Darwin thought of Matsya (acuarion or fish) Kurma ( amphibian turtle) Varsha (land animal wild boar),Narasimha ( half nan half lion) Rama (democratic  king who cared for even what a waterman  thought) and Krishna  (perfect Man) as manifestations or incarnations of God in the same  evolutionary order. Religion was born of ancestors and that was the reason I wanted their achievements remembered.

 It was for remembering their ey achieved that I wanted every family to  maintain a file book and keep adding to it. But today we forget not only their achievements but also blame them for making us go through the trials and tribulations of life.We think if not born we would  not have gone through all those troubles. They achieved great things? So what?
A famous film song says ‘Duniya mein Ham Aye Toh Jeena hi Padega’ ( because we are born,we have to live)

Perhaps most of us confuse living with existing. Man lives. Creatures just exist.


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