Internship Should Be Compulsory For BSW

By Roamer

Medical students do not get an MBBS degree anywhere in the world without a specific period of internship. Similarly students of engineering too are required to work in an ing uñit.
This is because both are known to be work-oriented subjects where mere theoretical knowledge without hands-on experience is considered useless.

In India it is said most work in public hospitals’ is done by interns. Many BEs realise that actual engineering  begins when they start working. In some areas doctors have to work in a village for 1 or 2 years.  Once engineers had to pay a penalty if they did ñot accept government  posting  This was before too many éngineering colleges were started by politicians leading to a glut. 

And  while internship was imposed on these two streams of study wheré work experience is considered very important, the study that has ‘work’ in it’s very name, social work,  has  been spared. Internship is not required for BSW and MSW. The very purpose of these courses is work, not mere theoretical or abstract knowledge.

Real education in most subjects begins after the  examination is passed and one enters the world of work.  One of the main defects of the Indian education system, besides outdated syllabi is lack of practical orientation. Once designed to create clerks and servants for the British rulers it has not changed much over the years. 

One of the main problems of our educational institutions is lack of proper equipment for giving practical orientation. 

The ‘equipment’ needed for the BSW and MSW studies is social problems. Of those there is no shortage in this country.


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