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Very Good News from J&K As Art. 370  Goes

By Roamer

The following post, full of saffron flags (deleted) and cap letters, must be from BJP IT Cell às alleged by lelt(left liberal) commentators who find no wrong in an anti-BJP post:-

*1.Five Lakh Hindu-Sikh families became Jammu & Kashmir domiciles.

*2. All serks/facilities withdrawn From Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba, ex-CMs.

3. Kashmir lost control over all Universities including J & K  National Law University

4. Kashmir lost control upon Hindu shrines.

5. Competent authority empowered to take Suo Moto Notice and evict encroachers  from properties Hindus left there in 1990.6. Kashmir lost control over all Golf and other clubs In J&K.7. Role Of Kashmir CM In University affairs made Zero.

8. Legal protection granted To anti-nationals In J&K 42 years ago revoked.. Those facing Public Safety Act, 1978, can be put In any jail outside J&K.

9.Secretariat not for move from Jammu To Kashmir and will continue to be In Jammu.

10. All facilities withdrawn from all ex CM’s including Farooq, Omar, Azad, Mehbooba including accommodation and vehicles.

11. All universities now directly controlled by New Delhi Their curriculum to be modified away from being Kashmir centric.

12..Hindu shrines were always controlled by the Dharmath Trust or respective shrine boards and will report directly to Home Ministry.

13.Now even J&K Waqf Board (Auqaf) has been taken over by New Delhi All its assets, created by contributors and niyaz from Kashmiri Muslims, have been taken over by New Delhi and will be controlled by them.

14. New Delhi has empowered local administration to evict locals from properties they might have purchased (for a pittance) from Pandits. Sale deeds could be nullified.

15. Not only golf courses but all forest lands and tourist development authorities are now controlled by Delhi which can issue, allot, lease or provide prime land and facilities to anybody from India now.

16. J&K CM has been reduced to number 15 on the Warrant of Precedence.

17. All nominations of J&K CM from University or Waqf boards has been removed.

18. All Kashmiri IAS officers have been posted in less important positions, while non local officials are running the  administration from Jammu.

19. Land banks of thousands of kanals have been identified and earmarked in different districts, to be allotted to non- state subjects in the name of ‘investment and industry’ .Wondering why the MHA & Home Minister are so quiet during the fight against the pandemic. They silently enforced these much needed actions to bring J&K into the national mainstream.


This post showed for the first time that  J&K enjoyed a special status denied to others, a fact hidden from rest of India.


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