Dalit Seeking Reserved

 Job/Seat Undeserving?

By Someswar Bhagwat

These days  social media posts against resevation based on caste are going viral. Most of them pit caste-based ‘reserved’ jobs against ‘desrved’ ones. They say that besides most of the CEOs of top MNCs  (multi-natimlnonal  companies) being Indian, doctors,  computer professionals, engineers and an teachers from this country in US dominate in their fields. All this because Indians who deserve

get jobs there while jobs here  are resrved on caste basis and given to undeserving ones.

 Whether these posts come from “ruling  BJP IT cell’ as alleged  by the opposition Congress or the Congress Itself as an  OBC (Other Backward Classes) PM is in power is not known. The Bharatiya Janata Party is known as the party of upper castes.

A Congress leader had said Rahul Gandhi who runs the Congress with his mother (making  Mallikarjun Kharge a mere dummy) a ‘Janevudhari Brahmin’. The grandon of Firoze Ghandy (if Parsi) and son of the Catholic Sonia Rajiv Ghandy may have had a secret thread ceremony  (Upanayanam). 💐The millionaire ‘untouchable’ Kharge, a bait for Dalit vote, may have had — like ex-PM Maun Mohan Singh– permission of ‘madam’ to breaK his ‘maun’ (silence).   

The posts imply, wrongly, that those who got reserved quota jobs didn’t deserve them. Many of thee Dalit boys and girls are brilliant. I always held that my first class BA is less than their third class as most of them are first generation literates – their parents  never went to school. Many generations of education  made me receptive to study -an advantage they did not have. To call them undeserving therefore is unfair.

Sociological research is mostly on useless, irrelevant topics. No one studied why 75 years of reservation in both  education and  jobs made little difference to the status of the Dalit. Have all benefits given to the oppre-ssed been cornred or usurped by a few privileged among them enjoying political patronage?

Some brtight Dalits voluntarily gave up the reserved seats. There was also the issue of bright Dalits being thought unfit because  of the reservations.

If the Indian reservation policy failed, has the American social justice system also failed? That an advanced and prosperous country like the USA has such a system to help the unprevileged shows that they are not unfit but lacked opportunities.

There are many unanswered questions and surprises in this field. WIll justice ever prevail?


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