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Do All Muslims

Hate The  BJP?

By Someswar Bhagwat

Ambani and Adani may top all groups in  business but is there   no proof that PM Modi had favoured them? If both of them close down lakhs of people would lose jobs  — perhaps as Vadra  Khangress wants.

And many of them may also be Muslims whom the Congress cultivated as a vote bank and who will never vote for Narendra Modi or his party the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

That the Muslims would, thanks to ‘Vadra Khangress’ (coined by a news channel, not me), never vote for  BJP is a presumption based on the Mulim names of those who abuse Modi and his party in newspaper letters and Internet comments in blogs or postings. 

It did not occur to ‘intellectuals’ of the Grand Old Party  (not the USA’s Republicans but India’s Congress which started as a national freedom movement before degenerating into INC or the Indian National Congress founded on December 25,1885 by a Britisher) that just as some Hindus use Muslm names for the comments. 

While INC plays vote bank politics it has aa much affection for Muslims as the BJP has and both are in the race for power, not to serve the  country). While Muslims as a class are fooled by the Congress manifestations Hindus are split into over a dozen of registered parties and scores more of unregistered ones.  

Pranab Mukherjee, ex-president, had  left the INC to start a party, the  Rashtriya Samajwadi Congress which later he merged with the Congress. The crime he committed was to say he was the seniormost of the ministers when Mrs Indira Gandhi (Ghandy if Froze was a Parsi) was assassinated. The return made him President of India – he was kicked up to make way for Rajiv Gandhi – the heir in the dynastic party. 

All registered parties in India, except the Communists and the BJP are dynastic. That is the political culture evolved by the INC which ruled the country longest so far.

The INC presumed that all the Muslims in India hate BJP simply because that party’s ‘remote control’s is in the hands of  ‘Hindutva’ group like RSS comprusing highly qualified men, while the remote of the  INC itself is in the hands of an Italian widow.  The INC has a dummy President ‘loyal’ to the dynasty.

The presumption is based on the assumption that Muslims are all  idiots who like sheep, jump into an abyss if the one leading them does. True the Moulvis and other clerics do mislead them, but most of them, converted by force by invading armies, are as wise or otherwise as any other Indian. The orthodox hardliners among them have left for Pakistan.

The INC and other opposition parties are trying to frighten them with the ‘Hindutva’ ghost but most Muslims are wise enough to ask: “if the number of Islamic countries can rise to 55 why not one Hindu nation?  It is their country after all.”


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