Old Age Homes Not

Death Waiting Halls

by Someswar Bhagwat

Ñot a day passes without the WhatsApp application on any ‘smart’ phone putting out one or even more messages or posts – either health tips (always by laymen and never tested) and on brutal progeny whom parents lovingly brought up, leaving the parent  – either widowed mother or father who lost his wife – or an old age home.

Cell phones are not communication devices now but instruments of (anti)social media. They are usually forwards by people who do not read them and do not know that no one can be left at an OAH unless it is Mother Teresa’s home for dying destítutes… to die soon after being baptized. They have to be admitted IF – and only if – there is a vacancy. Usually there is a waiting list.

Charles Dikens’ Oliver may have been at a very bad orphanage to have shocked the management by asking for more. There are good ones too. And there are good OAHs that arrange sports, bhajans, speeches and tripa too. 

In the USA they are commercial prepositions like hospices that give palliative treatment for the dying. One OAH  there arranged a visit to China.But in India they are only social work and I suggested that for Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) students internship in approach OAHs or orphanages be made compulsory like for medical students,



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