Parkinson Disease& Seven

Ages of ‘The Bard’ of Avon

by Someswar Rao

India knows more of Shakespeare  than his native England- thanks to colonial imposition of English medium  in our schools and colleges.: The ancestors of the tail wagging black Englishmen who talk of ‘language imperialism’ in their bid to retain English (to be good servants) accepted forcible imposition of English by the colonial power as those in Telangana did the Urdu medium as ordered by the Nizam.

We describe the great Kalidasa as India’s Shakespeare of  instead of equating the Bard of  Stanford-at-Avon with much earlier Sanskrit poet of Ramtek also called Kavi kula guru as recognised by that visionary PM,  PV Narasimha Rao. Shakespeare Quaker centenary not Kalidas Jaya, was observed all over India in the 1960s.)

Shakespeare had described the seven ages of Man al in As You  Like. it in a quote starting. with ”All the World’s a Stage”:

But not covered in the seven stages are the just born infant Man becomes when hit by Parkinson’s or the unthinking foetus that Alzheimer’s makes him/her.

Both are named after the doctors who had diagnosed them first. In Parkinson’s  the alert brain fails to control the body which keeps falling, the fall may cause head injury that may have serious consequences. 

An Alzheimer’s patient’s brain may be totally switched off with the result that he/she may starve to death, with food in front as the brain does not tell him/her that the food has to be  eaten, .Both need 24/7 care by caregivers. Both, as of now, are like common cold, nor curable. Both occur in old age.

Very recently the media carried reports  that medicine to cure both  MAY  be made from snake venom which is now the the source of venom antidote . Earlier reports said cough mixture may provide a medicine for Parkinson ‘s disease. But nothing vane from it. Is the snake venom report another fake?  If it is it will be a cruel joke.


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