Garib Rath Train Bríngs Thought Of Our Poverty

B. Someswar Rao

The Congress government in 2005 launched new train which, it thought, may bring the benefit of air-conditioned comfort in traín journeys within the reach of the middle class named Garib Rath (“Poor’s Chariot”).

It was a no-frills air-conditioned train started by the Indian Railways in 2005 to provide subsidized price air-conditioned long-distance travel to passengers who could not afford standard fares of air-conditioned class in regular-fare trains.

Recently viral was à video which  said word garib (poor) was a reminder that Indià is not ‘amír:   (prosperos) like the Western countríes. 

The fact that this was due tó plunderiñg óf the çountry’s abundañt riches is ignored by them just as the anti-Índia  BBC documeñtary that ignored more recent or móré ancieñt events líke lóotíng of temples, Godhra traiñ arsoñ  or killing of  Kasmiri pandits. The documentary, obviously inspired by añtí:India.


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