Need To Improve Education System

B Someswar Rao

It ís not the fiction writer’s  job to find solutions tó the social problems he/she raises in a stóry,   In :Tirupala’mma’ (Andhra Jyoti’ weekly supplement of Apr 30, 2023) the author raised the issue of college students who fail to put in the required attendance and so are debarred from the exam.

The failure may ñot always be wilful or due to neglect.

In another article I suggested internship for BSW (Bachelor of Social Work) students who will not otherwise get their degrees,, BSW and MSW are courses like medicine or MBA and being work-oriented  they would be bookish otherwise. It is liké science courses with no lab. Médical units have paramedic staff….  why not BSW counseling in colleges to look into the living conditions of every student?  They may fill required forms of data on each family and make enquiries.

Most rural students fail in English and maths and their teaching has to be improved.   Both can  be made more interesting, The new education policy shóuld not confine itself tó rewriting history which is certainly important. 

Maths, which is part of philosophy at higher levels can be more fun and Vedic maths needs deeper study. Importance of real education is to be inculcated añd not limited to BEd or MEd coursed.

Educational reforms are the need of the hoúr.


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