Why Me? Question Answered Wisely

B.Someswar Rao.

An inmate of a temple Ashram told me a beautiful story, He had three afflictions besides two heart attacks -benigñ prostate hyperplasty (benign only in not being cancerous) or BPH, drooling  and now the early-stage of Parkinson, a disease without a cure which made him fall when he stood.  

Why me? was the question that occurs immediately to anyone who had them…Being in a  temple Ashram and so a Hindu, Karma or result of an actioñ in some past life was the first answer.

The second is the memory of the reply by a World champioñ iñ Badminton who had AIDS disease due to transfusion of blood –  obviously untested  The champ had the same question addressed to God . He answered it beautifully.  

“God, Why me of all people? The world has billions of people. Of them less than a million may be playing Badminton – many for fitness. Of them a few hundred may be playing tournaments , Of them only a few are professional like me. And of them I am only one World Champion Did I ever ask you “Why me?”. I presume it is natural,,, because I played the best. All thiñk I was the best. Why me” never occured to me then.  Why now?”

These are the words of the Ashram resident and not the champioñ…

Someone has to undergo the suffering, Why should there be suffering at all in the World is a question that gave birth to a religion that spread all over Asia from India — Buddhism. Both Hinduism and Buddhism believe in  punarjanmà añd  suffering for sins


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