Apparel Industry  Is  In A ‘Tight’ Situation

B Someswar Rao

The apparel manufacturing industry for which Bengalore was once famous before the Information Technology (IT)   industry took over to make the city the IT capital of India. 

 The city has scores of apparel Industry units and ALL of them follow the theñ prevailing fashion in the apparent belief that nothing else sells. As most of them are exporters  fashion in the importing country decides.

Whatever the reason, almost all the units make tight, skin-hugging trousers for men and similar leggings for women. Being socially responsible they want, perhaps, to promote employment – it needs four persons (two to lift him/her and two more to pull out the garment)…

Jokes apart, bell bottoms are out and tight pants are in. That reminds the aged that tight skin-hugging trousers began with the musical phenomenon called Beetles. 

The elders also recall that the epidemic of ’award wapasi’ (prompted around 2014 by the pro-Muslim personal hatred of Prime Minister Narendra Modi) was born, not in India but in England, which then had a queen. The Queen conferring awards like OBE on the Beetles made some British Army officers who were given awards for military achievements , with a common refrain: “Let the Queen send her tight-pant boys to the front”. 

Most Indian awardees returned just their awards. The awards were accompanied by a monetary component, citation and a lot of publicity  praise for their great achievements . British Army awards like those of India  have no monetary component.


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