Court Saves Dwarka

B Someswar Rao

This news was blacked out by the Press but came out thanks to a report by Mrs Umagauri, Bombay.

The Gujarat High Court has shattered the Sunni Waqf Board’s dream of capturing two islands of Bet Dwarka in Gujarat, the town built by Shri Krishna. This topic is being widely discussed in Gujarat this time. But for social media we would not have

To understand how there is migration and capture, whether there is land jihad, you have to study Bet Dwarka island whose location has been proved by Àrchaelogical Society of India (ASI).

Until a few years ago, almost the entire population here was Hindu. This is the area under Okha municipality, where the only way to go is through water. People therefore use boats to go out of Bet Dwarka. The ancient Dwarkadhish temple is situated here.

It is said that 5000 years ago, Rukmini had established a Krishna idol here. The island, surrounded by the sea, was very calm. The main occupation of the people was fishing. Gradually, Muslims fishing from outside started coming here. The kind Hindu population allowed them to stay there and catch fish. Gradually the whole business of fishing was taken over by the Muslims.Due to funding from outside, they sold fish in the market cheap ,due to which all Hindu fishermen became unemployed.

Now the Hindu population started moving out of the island for jobs, . But here another miracle happened. To go from Bet Dwarka to Okha, the fare in the boat was Rs.8.
Now that all the boats were owned by the Muslims, they made a new rule on rental. The Hindu who goes to Okha by boat will pay Rs 100 as rent and the same Muslims pay only…

If a daily wager Hindu gives Rs 200 to and fro what will he save? Therefore Hindus started migrating from there for employment.Now only 15 percent of the Hindu population lives there.

The two main means of employment, fishing and transport, were snatched from the Hindus.
Like everywhere else, masons, carpenters, electronic mechanics, drivers, barbers and other hand jobs have been handed over to them by Hindus up to 90%. Now there is a 5000-year old temple in Bet Dwarka, for which Hindus used to visit, so the jihadis found a new way in it.
Since they had got possession of the means of movement, they started demanding Rs 4000 to 5000 from the visiting devotees for only 20-30 minutes of water journey.

How will the common man be able to pay such an expensive fare? So people stopped going there. Now there was a complete hold of the jihadis, so they started building houses every place, seeing that the ancient temple had tombs on all side. The Hindu population had lost the help of the administration as they were a minority. Then some Hindu social workers took cognizance of it and warned the government.

The government started the work of construction of Signature Bridge from Okha to Bet Dwarka. Investigation of the rest of the subjects shocked the investigating agency.
In Gujarat, the Sunni Waqf Board has staked its claim on two islands of Bet Dwarka located in Dwarka, the city of Shri Krishna. The Waqf Board, in its application, claimed that two islands on Bet Dwarka island are owned by the Waqf Board. The Gujarat High Court wondered “how you can claim Krishna Nagari” Then the Gujarat High Court dismissed this petition as well.

There are about eight islands in Bet Dwarka, on which two temples of Lord Krishna are built. Ancient stories tell that while worshiping Lord Krishna, Meera merged into His idol here. About 7000 families live on these two islands of Bet Dwarka, out of which about 6000 families are Muslim. It is a small island off the coast of Dwarka and is situated at a short distance from Okha. The Waqf Board bases its claim on these two islands on the basis of this. The initial phase of this conspiracy revealed that some people in this phase were making illegal constructions by occupying such lands, which could, strategically, become a major threat to India’s internal security, agencies say. Now illegal occupations and mazaars are being demolished.

No Muslim coming to Bet Dwarka is a local there, all are from outside.
Nevertheless, he gradually snatched everything from the Hindus there in a few years and the island of a state like Gujarat in India became Syria. How did it happen without planning by some major agency? It is very important to be careful. The background to Godhra train arsoñ and Gujarat riots that BBC had dug up is here.


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