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Raja Mani  Writes To  Himself

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Raja Mani  Writes To  Himself

B Someswar  Rao

Forgetting the immediate past is one of the signs of old age  “To remember write it out” said a scribe who lives by waiting. Some keep a diary but can’t write in old age, So write to yourself a letter when you can. Emails can be scheduled to be sent years later, Film  industry’s Raja  Mani finds it best. He wrote:

′′ So, my dear, when you get older, never teach anyone anything. Even if you are sure you are right. Remember how this bothered you once?

Did you take the advice of the elders yourself?

Do not try to help unless requested. Don’t impose yourself on anyone. Don’t try to e your loved ones from all the misfortunes of the world. Just love them.

Don’t complain about your health; your neighbours; your government; your retirement..! Don’t turn into an old quarrel.

Don’t expect gratitude from children. Remember: there are no ungrateful children – there are stupid parents who expect gratitude from their children.

Don’t say phrases like: ‘ Me at your age… ‘ ‘ I gave you the best years.. ‘, ‘ I’m older so I know better… ‘ This is generally not well received..!

Don’t waste your last money on anti-age treatments. It’s useless. Better spend it on a trip.

Take care of your spouse, even if she becomes a wrinkled, helpless and moody old person. Don’t forget she was once young, good looking and cheerful. And maybe she is the only one who really needs you right now.

Don’t try to keep up with time at all costs: understand new technologies, obsessively follow the news, constantly study something new, Do not fall behind in time ‘. This is fun. Do what you want… While you can!

Don’t blame yourself for anything. Whatever happened to your life or to your children’s lives, you did everything you could.

Preserve your dignity in any situation! Till the end! Do your best my dear this is very important.

And remember: if you’re still alive, someone needs you!”

I guess some friends are already following these tips.

From  Raja

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